Director’s Message

The modern world offers amazing opportunities to showcase our talent. It provides venues to harvest the best of what human civilization has created. Understanding the challenges facing us makes us deliver what is required for sustainable technology solutions leading to sound eco systems around.

At MIET, the education system and the professional environment in the campus developed henceforth supports our students in eliminating their inhibitions and discover their potential. We use academic and technology platforms for training and practicing skills and developing competencies of our students at conceptual, intellectual, emotional and physical levels to help them achieve and surpass their limits.

It is always the humanistic tendencies that are going to surpass the miracles of technologies. MIET provides culturally diverse environment that helps students accept each other and help them appreciate the differences and grow out as mature thinking individuals. Special workshops on Human Skills help our students understand the human side of the technology driven business systems.

At MIET, we use all academic and industry means to develop competent human resources and are committed to empower the young minds with knowledge that carries a power to provide solutions to the challenges of the ever evolving global community.

Prof.(Dr.) Chetan Khemraj Lenjewar
Director, MIET 
Ph.D (CSE), M.Tech (CSE)