Research Infrastructure

The mission of Research & Development cell in MIET is to continuously engage in research and development activities and to promote scientific temper in the graduates, leading to life-long learning. MIET provides necessary facilities for promoting basic research ideas with R & D agencies in other sectors for expanding and enriching the knowledge base in their respective areas. R & D Cell co-ordinates sponsored research, collaborative research and industrial consultancy projects at MIET. Through such projects, MIET is strengthening the R & D capabilities of the faculty and students and participate in Industries problem solving. Students & Faculty are highly encouraged to pursue research experiences. The institute provides grants-in-aid for collaborative/Individual work related futuristic frontline research having application in the new world class systems which leads to major research.

For students, research plays an important role in the educational experience and provides practical skills for future employment. Students @ MIET have a wide range of opportunities available to participate in groundbreaking research with faculty and peers. Students are encouraged to involve themselves in the activities of Research and Development cell @MIET. Students of various branches either individual/group may be approached with an idea for the financial aid.


There is an KEC in MIET. The main objective of KEC is to promote innovation by creating an environment where new products are developed based on pool of expertise available within the college .These products are developed further as marketable products. Suitable entrepreneurs among the students or outside are identified and are exposed to these product ideas along with complete business plan. If an entrepreneur shows some interest for any product the KEC facilitates complete knowledge transfer so that the enterprise becomes self-sustainable.


  • To select and incubate potential commercially viable products
  • To create physical infrastructure and support systems necessary for business incubation activities
  • To create a network of researchers, mentors and entrepreneurs
  • Knowledge creation that has social impact
  • To inculcate the spirit of innovation and enterprise among students


  • Identify innovative ideas from faculty
  • Develop new products from innovative ideas
  • Study the marketability of the products
  • Make a prototype
  • Identify possible entrepreneurs
  • After entrepreneurs decides to invest offer necessary help in setting up a startup
  • Transfer technical knowledge and managerial expertise


Mr. Parth Pandey student of B.Tech. 2nd Year got 3rd position in Scroll’24 (Technical Paper Presentation) with 4k cash prize along with gift voucher of 7k.