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Library Rules and Regulations

  • Use of mobile phone in the Library is strictly prohibited for students and staff.
  • Damaged / partially damaged books are considered as missing books.
  • Eatables and drinkables are not allowed in Library for all users.
  • Personal books, Issued books are not allowed in Library.
  • The users should maintain silence at all time in the Library.
  • The users have to deposit their belongings on property counter, outside the Library.
  • Discussion is not allowed in Library. Only self study.
  • Students will be issued books on their own library/ID Card only.
  • Students to leave the books on tables after reading.
  • Reference books are not issued and are to be read in the reading room/ Library. 
  • Book bank is issued for whole semester.
  • For teaching staff maximum four books are issued at a time for of ten days.
  • Please do not mark anywhere on books or reading material otherwise same will be consider as missing.